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Your business’s appearance can have a major impact on how much your clients or customers spend. Whether you’re a restaurant owner encouraging people to wine and dine or you’re a marketing company that wants to impress its clients, simple touches like beautiful shades or a well-upholstered chair can influence how comfortable people are with your business.

Does your business need window treatment or reupholstery services? If so, The Decorating Store is here to help. Below, you’ll learn more about the services we can offer your business.

Commercial Window Blinds in Morristown, New Jersey

Commercial Reupholstery

As a business, you want your customers to be comfortable. Reupholstery allows you to ensure your furniture is pleasant to sit in while also being aesthetically pleasing. Whether your furniture is damaged, it’s getting old, or you simply want to change its appearance, we can help.

Some business owners ask us if they’re better off getting furniture reupholstered or buying new furniture entirely. That’s going to vary based on a few different factors.

First, how much of your furniture needs to get reupholstered? If there was damage to one or two pieces, we’ll be able to ensure everything matches, instead of requiring you to buy all new furniture.

Second, you need to take into account the fact that you may not be able to find the exact kind of furniture you’re looking for, at least without paying for expensive shipping. Reupholstery offers a customizability that purchases can’t match.

Commercial Window Treatment

The Decorating Store offers a myriad of different window treatment options that are designed to get the exact appearance, privacy, and more that you want.

When you let us know that you’re interested in getting a treatment, one of our experts will speak with you to determine what your goals are. The necessary considerations will include making sure the window treatment matches the current decor in your establishment.

We offer shades, shutters, blinds, and more, so you can rest easy knowing that there’s a high chance we already have what you’re looking for.

If your business needs something special and you can’t find it among our current options, we also offer a customized service that allows you to choose the exact kind of treatment you want. We’ll then measure your space and create the exact treatment you’re looking for.

Does Your Business Need Reupholstery or Window Treatment in Morristown?

The Decorating Store is proud to offer our services to a variety of different businesses. We’ve been around for more than 70 years, which makes us confident that we’re able to help you with whatever window treatment or reupholstery service you need.

Whether you have additional questions about our commercial services or you’d like to tell us about your project, you can reach out to us by calling (908) 688-9416, filling out our online form, or emailing us at


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